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We invite you to come visit us, perhaps God is calling you to become part of our family of faith. 

Visit our Life Groups and begin to plug in to one, where you can serve with your gifts and grow in Christ.  It is a place where we can build a more intimate relationship with members of the group throughout the week.  It is a place where we desire to see lives transformed by the Gospel by applying God’s word through sermon-based discussions.  It is a place where we can serve and care for one another.

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Participate in our community outreach events to help advance our Gospel mission to reach the lost in our community.  We also desire to see the community around Crosswalk to be transformed by the Gospel.  We do this by supporting our local schools through prayer at the pole, participating in the Children’s Hunger Project, and doing Gospel community outreach events. 


Explore becoming a member by signing up for our Membership Class that is offered twice a year.


Our youth is an essential part of the life of the church.  They are the future generation who will carry on the task and the Gospel mission of the church.  Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we ground their faith and identity in Jesus.  

Our youth group meetings are staffed by at least two adults.  We start by eating and fellowshipping, then transition to Bible study and end with an activity to foster stronger relationships.


At Crosswalk, we believe that parents are the primary teachers of God's Word to their children (Deut 6:7). We do not replace the parents, but our Children's Ministry is staffed by teachers and helpers who have been background checked. We schedule at least two adult CM teachers in every class to ensure safety for all children.
Our aim is to show them Jesus and His amazing grace in His work of salvation. To accomplish this aim, we use the curriculum, "The Biggest Story."
It is Scripture based teachings that point them to Jesus and seek to apply the lesson in their lives.


Infants through Pre-K available

for the entire service.

Elementary grade is available

after worship in song.


Interested to learn how you become part of our community?

Reach out to us by filling out a contact card.

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